Flutter is unique in our tech-stack because it is an open-source UI software development kit from Google. This is our go-to current tool for crafting beautiful, natively compiled apps for mobile, web, and desktop projects from a single codebase. It’s a versatile toolkit that grants us more room to express our creativity while building cross-platform apps that feel native to iOS and Android.

With fully customizable widgets, Flutter allows us to create intuitive and engaging user experiences for any project. Through Firebase, Flutter provides a suite of cloud-based tools to help grow your business.

Mobile app

Our Approach

When we approach a project with Flutter, we focus on delivering a rich, native experience for both iOS and Android users, using one codebase. This enables us to develop faster while ensuring consistent platform functionality and UI. We employ Flutter’s widgets to customize every detail, achieving your desired aesthetic and user experience.

Our team harnesses Firebase’s powerful backend capabilities to provide real-time data syncing, authentication, and more. Additionally, we use tools like Code Magic to automate our CI/CD pipeline, ensuring that we deliver quality applications swiftly.

Speedy Development

Flutter’s 'hot reload' feature allows us to update the code and see them reflected in real-time. This results in faster iteration cycles and helps us rapidly develop high-quality applications.


We create applications that feel native on both iOS and Android, ensuring the best user experience regardless of the device.

Engaging User Interface

Flutter's rich set of customizable widgets enables us to create attractive and interactive UIs. 

Firebase Integration

Flutter integrates seamlessly with Firebase, providing backend services like authentication, databases, and analytics. 

Code Magic

We automate Flutter app development, testing, and delivery through integration with Code Magic. This ensures rapid development, testing, and deployment of your application.


As a technology backed by Google, Flutter is constantly evolving and innovating. Your project is always on the cutting edge of technology trends, making it future proof.

  • "Thanks to the contributions of the Deutrix team, the company now has a working app that respects the online safety of their clients and meets all of their requirements. Internal stakeholders particularly praised the service provider's agility of development and design prowess."

    Sleebos IT

  • "Boris is one of the Wordpress experts out there. He highly experienced and able to solve complex problems with ease. I highly recommend him."

    Vedran Tomic

  • "If I could give more than 5 stars to Deutrix, I'd definitely do it. I've found competence, professionalism and a solution to my issues in minutes."


  • Thus far, Deutrix has successfully built over 20 WordPress websites for the client's customers. The team is able to match the required turnaround time while reliably and consistently producing high-quality designs.

    Chris Stroud

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