Why Custom WordPress Theme is the Superior Choice Over Visual Builders

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Why Custom WordPress Theme is the Superior Choice Over Visual Builders

Custom WordPress themes and drag-and-drop builders are both choices for creating a WordPress website. While drag-and-drop builders have become well-liked for their user nature custom WordPress themes come with distinct advantages that make them a preferred option for website development when budget constraints are not an issue.

This article will explore why opting for a custom WordPress theme outweighs using any builder.

When it comes to website creation design plays a role. A custom WordPress theme empowers you with control, over your website design, unlike the limitations posed by visual builders.

Another perk of custom WordPress themes is the flexibility they offer in terms of website functionality. Visual builders restrict you to their features making it challenging to expand functionality. In contrast, custom WordPress themes can be tailored to incorporate any desired functionality. This flexibility enables you to craft a website that aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences.

Customization Flexibility

As a developer, I have found that custom WordPress themes offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to customization. Unlike visual builders, custom themes allow for a wide range of unique design possibilities, tailored user experiences, and specific functionality needs.

Unique Design Possibilities

Creating your WordPress theme offers a great way to craft a one-of-a-kind design tailored to your website’s needs. With a custom theme, you can oversee every detail of the design from layout and colors, to typography. This allows your site to distinguish itself from the crowd of themes and authentically represent your brand’s individuality.

Tailored User Experience

Using custom WordPress themes allows you to customize the user experience according to your requirements. While visual builders have limitations based on their features custom themes offer the flexibility to design custom post types, taxonomies, and other elements tailored to your website’s demands. This customization enhances user interaction. Can potentially boost engagement and conversion rates.

Specific Functionality Needs

In the end, custom WordPress themes offer the flexibility to incorporate functions that might not be accessible, through visual builders. For instance, if your site needs to connect with an API or external service, and has custom widgets or blocks or advanced filtering functionality a custom theme can be created to cater to those demands. This allows you to deliver a comprehensive and advanced website that fulfills your exact specifications.

Performance and Speed

We at Deutrix have found that custom WordPress themes outperform any visual builders in terms of speed and performance. Here are some reasons why:

Optimized for Performance

Creating custom WordPress themes involves coding and performance optimization. This results in a efficient codebase that is lightweight and free of any excess elements. Consequently the website loads quickly. Operates smoothly.

PageSpeed score
PageSpeed score

We opt not to utilize font libraries such as Font Awesome; instead, we craft our bespoke font sets using IcoMoon. This approach allows us to bundle numerous SVG files and seamlessly reuse them across the website while the font is cached.

Speed optimization is a fundamental aspect of our development process, starting from scratch. We implement various strategies, including Ajax loading, jQuery removal, and integration of lightweight libraries for functionalities such as lightboxes and sliders. These efforts ensure swift and efficient website performance.

On the other hand, visual builders often add a lot of unnecessary code and assets to the website, which can slow it down. This is because visual builders are designed to be user-friendly and often rely on pre-built templates and modules, which can add a lot of unnecessary code to the website. And their DOM output itself is very large.

Reduced Plugin Dependency

Custom WordPress themes are designed to be lean and efficient. This means that they require fewer plugins to function properly. This is important because plugins can slow down the website and cause conflicts with other plugins.

This includes modifications, registration of custom post types and taxonomies, Ajax load scripts, conditional loading, and similar.

Visual builders, on the other hand, often rely on plugins to add functionality to the website. This can lead to plugin bloat and slow down the website.

Faster Loading Times

This indicates that custom themes prioritize faster loading times, a crucial factor for SEO and enhancing conversion rates. Through our Deutrix Care service, we extend optimization efforts to many visual builder sites as well.

However, the primary issue doesn’t lie in the builders themselves, as they have evolved over time. Rather, it stems from the absence of certain functionalities that users often supplement with addon libraries and packages. Unfortunately, many users leave all modules activated, resulting in a surge of requests and bloating page sizes and an increasing number of the requests.

Security and Reliability

When it comes to security and reliability, custom WordPress themes have a clear advantage over visual builders. Here are some reasons why:

Enhanced Security Measures

Custom WordPress themes prioritize security by incorporating protective features. Unlike made themes and visual builders custom themes are constructed from the ground up with security, as a top priority. The coding is meticulously crafted by developers following industry standards to ensure heightened security and reduce susceptibility to potential vulnerabilities.

Control Over Updates

One major benefit of using custom WordPress themes is the autonomy you have over updates. When using a builder you’re reliant on the developer for updates potentially leading to delays or site disruptions. On the other hand, with a custom theme, you have full control, over updates allowing you to manage your site’s updates at your own pace.

Example of the potential issues
Examples of the potential issues

Stable and Predictable Behavior

Creating custom WordPress themes aims to ensure stability and predictability. These themes are tailored to needs, in focus reducing the chances of glitches or errors. The advantage lies in crafting these themes from the ground up to match your site’s requirements resulting in enhanced stability and predictability.

SEO and Accessibility

We believe that custom WordPress themes are a better choice than visual builders when it comes to SEO and accessibility. Here are some reasons why:

SEO-Friendly Development

Building custom WordPress themes involves incorporating SEO strategies from the start. This approach enables developers to tune the website’s code, layout, and content for better search engine visibility. Unlike themes created with builders, custom themes are typically faster more streamlined, and boast cleaner code. As a result, they can enhance SEO performance since search engines tend to prioritize websites that load quickly and have organized code.

Moreover, custom themes empower developers to optimize website content for keywords and phrases. This can be achieved by crafting custom tags optimizing images and implementing structured data markup. These enhancements aid search engines in comprehending the site content and potentially boosting its rankings, in search results.

Accessibility Standards Compliance

Another crucial aspect to consider in website development is accessibility. When creating custom WordPress themes it is essential to prioritize accessibility to comply with the up-to-date standards and regulations. This ensures that individuals with disabilities can easily navigate and utilize the website.

Custom themes can incorporate functionalities like keyboard navigation, descriptive text for images, and high contrast color options. These elements enhance accessibility for users, with auditory or motor challenges. Additionally, custom themes undergo testing to ensure they adhere to current accessibility requirements and standards.

Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness

When it comes to choosing between a custom WordPress theme and a visual builder, one of the most important factors to consider is long-term cost-effectiveness. While a visual builder may seem like a more affordable option at first, it can end up costing you more in the long run. Here are a few reasons why a custom WordPress theme is a better choice for long-term cost-effectiveness:

Lower Maintenance Costs

When deciding between a WordPress theme and a visual builder one crucial aspect to think about is the cost effectiveness over time. Although a visual builder might appear cheaper initially it could ultimately lead to expenses in the future. Here are some reasons why opting for a custom WordPress theme is the choice, for long-term affordability;

No Subscription Fees

One more benefit of having a WordPress theme is that you won’t have to deal with any subscription charges. If you opt for a builder you might have to shell out a monthly or yearly fee to access the tool. This expense can accumulate over time. Eventually exceeds the cost of using a customized WordPress theme.

Scalability and Future Proofing

A personalized WordPress theme is created to be adaptable and ready for the future. This implies that it has the ability to expand and develop alongside your business as time goes on. When using a builder you might encounter restrictions on modifying your website in the long run. This could result in the necessity, for an overhaul later on which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Ownership and Control

When you design your unique WordPress theme you have complete control, over the code and you are not tied to any particular provider. This ensures that your website is better protected and you have the freedom to operate independently from platforms.

Ease of use

The primary advantage of visual builders lies in their user-friendly interface and rapid development capabilities. While they excel in expediting the creation process, it’s crucial to address the potential bloating issues they may introduce, necessitating careful optimization later on.

Custom themes, on the other hand, tackle this challenge by leveraging Gutenberg blocks. Our preferred approach involves utilizing ACF Blocks to generate versatile modules based on our Figma design. This strategy simplifies page customization and accelerates the creation of new pages. Moreover, there’s no need to redo meticulous fine-tuning or design work since the blocks are pre-built according to your design specifications.

ACF Blocks
ACF Blocks

Additionally, these blocks offer conditional fields, enhancing reusability and expediting development by allowing for the creation of universally applicable components. This approach streamlines the development process while ensuring efficient utilization of resources.


In conclusion, while visual builders offer convenience, custom WordPress themes provide superior flexibility, speed, and optimization. With Gutenberg and ACF Blocks, customization is streamlined, ensuring efficient development while maintaining design integrity. These themes excel in SEO, accessibility, security, and long-term cost-effectiveness, making them the optimal choice for websites requiring complexity and customization.

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